There is a whole new universe to be discovered when I wrap my mind around an object, a person, or a landscape, creating a two-dimensional representation from the choice of forms, colours, and nuances. It feels like new connections are being made in my brain. Observation in itself is quite rewarding; to create at the same time, and translating the mood through forms and colours is truly enriching.

Dry pastels and oil are my favorite mediums. I also love to draw with fineliner, charcoal, and pencils, as well as to sketch with watercolour.

I am lucky to have many teachers. In my city I take life painting classes with the painter and sculptor Christophe Wehrung, and experimental art workshops with the visual artist Arna Gna Gunnarsdottir. I took workshops from master pastellists Gail Sibley, Richard Heitz, Isabelle Lim, Stephanie Birdsall, and Penelope Milner. The knowledge they shared with me in these intense classes is an endless source of inspiration and learning to me. In addition, I took in-person classes with modern figurative oil painters Denis Sarazhin, Henry Yann, Felicia Forte, and Nicolas Uribe in order to develop my portrait painting skills.